Our client’s request

Being approached by HMRC for an investigation is daunting for any business, so when a sports and nutritional supplement manufacturer in Derby was selected for an employer compliance inspection regarding benefits, expenses and payroll taxes, they immediately engaged us to assist them both in preparing for the inspection and by providing support during it.

How we helped

Our first step was to prepare the client for the investigation. To do this, we met with HMRC to discuss any potential areas that the enquiry may be targeted towards and then ensured that all of the client’s records were in order prior to the inspection.

Our experience allowed us to minimise the scope of the inspection and reduce the number of areas that were assessed in detail, making it more straightforward for the client. We worked on the background analysis to put forward the case against HMRC and then negotiated with them on the client’s behalf.

As inspections can be extremely daunting, our assistance in managing the process helped to reassure the client and made the experience less stressful, as we aided in answering any difficult questions HMRC asked. In this instance, our presence was particularly important, as the inspector’s questioning was quite aggressive.

The result

Our knowledge and extensive experience of employer compliance inspections and negotiations meant we were able to convince HMRC to agree with our stand and ultimately achieved the best result for the client. This meant no recovery of liabilities was due and no penalties were issued to the client. This will help them to be deemed as low risk by HMRC, and they are unlikely to receive a return visit from HMRC in the near future.