With the average company claiming in excess of £50,000, can you afford to miss out?

Research and Development (“R&D”) tax credits can be a very valuable asset for companies* who may not actually believe that the activities they undertake on a daily or project by project basis, are defined as eligible R&D in its purest sense.

The term ‘R&D’ conjures up images of employees wearing white coats conducting experiments in laboratories, and whilst such projects would likely qualify for the credit, so will a multitude of other projects in a wide range of industries.

Examples of industries that may involve eligible R&D are detailed below:

  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Food and Beverage
  • Software Development
  • Agriculture
  • Consulting
  • Medical

To understand more about the type of projects that qualify for R&D tax credit purposes, what costs can be claimed or the corporate tax benefits, please click the link below.

Research & Development Tax Credits

Our team here at Smith Cooper has considerable experience assisting a variety of clients with R&D tax credit claims. We can work with you to submit the best possible claim for your company, ensuring the optimum outcome.

If you think your company may be undertaking R&D and you wish to discuss this matter further, please get in touch with Gary Devonshire who leads our R&D team, or speak to a member of our dedicated tax team.

*(individuals or partnerships are not eligible)