We are specialists across the franchise sector, with expertise in all financial and transactional aspects of franchise businesses.

The franchise sector is a competitive one, with a variety of complex challenges to consider when making a sale or acquisition, or expanding your business. Increased costs, ever-increasing market competition, and a rise in franchisor demand squeezing franchisees margins and profitability, are some of the varied challenges a business may face.

It is therefore important to seek professional advice from advisers who have expertise within the sector, and a detailed understanding of the challenges, in order to accelerate the growth or exit strategies of your franchise business effectively.

How we can help

We have extensive experience in franchised businesses across a wide spectrum of brands, with an international reach. We advise on assignments for franchisees, franchisors, banks and private equity investors, having worked with many of the biggest brands in the industry.

We can provide expert advice across all areas of sales and acquisitions, helping you to achieve your goals and aspirations, including transactional, funding, commercial diligence, and consultancy advice.

We work to create innovative and tailor-made solutions that align with your commercial aspirations, by really understanding your individual objectives; optimising the transaction to deliver best value, and minimise risk.

Our services

We can provide:

  • Project management of:-Sales of businesses to franchisee and franchisor-Acquisitions of businesses from franchisee and franchisor
  • Acquisition bid proposals (including presentations) to franchisors
  • Target assessment and valuation
  • Business planning, modelling and fundraising
  • Deal structuring and strategic advice
  • Succession planning and pre-sale grooming
  • Commercial diligence for acquirers and funders
  • Consultancy / ad-hoc assignments

Alongside our award-winning Corporate Finance experts, we are able to offer a holistic range of services, meaning that other divisions of PKF Smith Cooper can also provide Due Diligence, Specialist Tax, Audit, Accounting, HR and IT Services.

We provide a client-focused approach, building close relationships with clients on both a commercial and personal level, offering franchise businesses a committed and lasting partnership throughout the transaction. Get in touch with our experts today.

Key experts

David Crump

Corporate Finance Director