If you have overpaid Customs Duty & Import VAT on an import, you can reclaim the money you are owed within three years of your import date.

VAT overpayments among UK traders are more common than you may think. As a trader, you have up to three years to reclaim overpaid Customs Duty & Import VAT. Fail to claim during this period and you will lose the money you are owed.

1st January 2024 deadline for post-Brexit imports

We have seen an especially high number of VAT errors resulting in overpayments on imports that happened in the nine months following the end of Brexit (1st January 2021).

In line with the three-year period, any reclaims on imports made by UK traders during this time must be submitted before 1st January 2024. Once this date has passed, you will be unable to reclaim.

Reclaim your VAT overpayment from HMRC

Our VAT and indirect tax experts have helped many UK traders reclaim overpayments from HMRC. Contact us today to find out if you are eligible to reclaim Customs Duty & Import VAT. As well as assessing your eligibility, we can manage the entire claims process for you and make sure you receive the full amount you are owed.