Welcome to our round-up of deals in the year to 31 March 2021.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic we had a very good year to March 21, completing 27 deals worth £152m – not far off our exceptional 2020 numbers. In amongst the national players, we are proud to have maintained our top-10 ranking for deal volumes in Experian’s Midlands Financial Adviser league table, and to have multiple award nominations in the forthcoming Insider Deal Awards. These consistent top-10 rankings and awards have helped build our hard-won reputation as one of the “go-to” advisers both regionally, and UK-wide in our specialist sectors.

We have been privileged to represent some terrific clients in truly fascinating deals that have achieved exceptional results, and salute all those that have worked so hard in this difficult year.

We are very optimistic of the future, irrespective of the possible “pushing” of the market by the expected changes to Capital Gains Tax, rumoured for November 2021 or next March.

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